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mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Interview with Mandahla Rose

By Giuseppina Biondo
Translated by Mary Basso

Despite her roles in several movies, you can’t really find much on the internet about Mandahla Rose, an Australian actress and artist. One of her last movies is “All about E” (2015), a 96’’ LGBT movie. Since what I learnt about her I got it from her social network profiles, I am going to start to ask her the questions.

Hello Mandahla, thanks for accepting the interview. As first question I have a simple question, but given your confidentiality on the internet, I hope you can tell us about your biography. How old are you? And how come there are such little infos about you on the internet?
Hello Giuseppina, thank you for taking the time to want to interview me. It's interesting, I am asked my age regularly and I choose not to answer it. I am who I am because of my experiences and not because of the year I was born. Age is just a number and people sometimes choose to think differently about someone because of how old or young they are rather than who they are as a person or how they hold themselves. I think the reason for there not being a lot of information about me on the internet is because most of the work I have done was back in my little hometown of Adelaide, Australia.

When did you realise you wanted to be an actress and what was your first role?
When I realised that I could be anyone, live in someone else’s shoes, experience the world through others eyes, that is when I decided that I wanted to be an actor. Imagine being able to hold an audience in the palm of your hand and you are responsible for making them laugh, cry, feel sorrow. What an incredible gift. I remember my first role was in high school, I played the chief weasel in A.A. Milne’s play, Toad of Toad Hall.

What can you do best, and worst, when you act?
I love serious roles and I especially love roles that have little dialogue as I find that i can express myself through my eyes. I find comedy perhaps more difficult for me because I am so comfortable with the serious side, but I have done some comedy before and I do enjoy it. The thing about acting is that I love the challenge and on top of that, I am a perfectionist. I know my strengths and weaknesses but I love to extend myself.

What’s the movie you’ve been in that excited you the most? And what is the character you played that you liked the most? What’s the one you consider the closest to you?
All of the projects that I have done, I have found exciting. Some perhaps are my more favourite than others, but mostly, I choose if I want to be a part of the project because I believe in it. The characters that I go for are strong, resilient, badass women because I feel that we need more of these in our world. Each character I have brought to life holds a piece of my heart, because they are a part of me. 

“All about E” sees you as the main character. I found it an eventful and funny movie. I laughed a lot thanks to your colleague Brett Rogers: through his character, during the vision of the movie, you can sense that nothing could go wrong in the plot. What do you like about E?
Brett is a wonderful actor, I loved working with him and his comedic timing is just wonderfully delightful. I love E, I love her complexities. I mean, everyone has their flaws, this is what makes us uniquely individual and E certainly has her fair share. What I love most about E is the way she handles herself while on this journey, she really comes into her own and it is wonderful to see her grow up and take control of her life right in front of your eyes. 

What’s your next project?
There are currently a couple of projects in development. Some I have already done my part and they are now in post-production. These titles are ‘La Douleur Exquise’, LDE for short. It is a web series and I play Sasha, a Lighting Director in a male dominant industry. She meets the love of her life, Elisabeth, a concert Corsican Pianist. The story follows their lives together and separately, both working their way up the ladder in their prospective fields and sharing a long distance relationship. The series spans 40 years. The other is ‘August in the City’, another short film, which we just finished shooting in New York. I play the love interest, a feminist hippie in the 1970’s called Clementine. 

Is there a director you’d like to work with?
There are many talented directors that I would love to work with and I look forward to the day when I do work with them. My ultimate dream director would be Tim Burton. I love his movies, his older ones especially. My favourite movie of all time is actually Beetlejuice. Speaking of, I hear that a second is being made, perhaps I might have a chance ;)

What’s your dream?
Wow, Giuseppina, what a question! If only I had many lives and could accomplish all my dreams! In truth, I am well on the way to living my dream. When I was a kid, I always told my friends and my foster parents and anyone who would listen that I was going to be a movie star when i grew up. I think that I wanted to just be famous because then I would be somebody, it is a dream that any kid in foster care would wish for. To be seen, to be noticed. But now, I just want to make a positive difference in the world, even if it’s just a little dent.

Would you take part in a TV series? If yes, which one?
Oh most definitely. There are a number of tv shows that I would love to be in, for example, American Horror Story. I love this series, and the calibre of actors working on it. It would be an incredible experience working with actors like Sarah Paulson, Denis O’Hara and Kathy Bates.

Have you ever watched an Italian movie?
Yes I have. Two come to mind in particular. Life Is Beautiful and Suspiria. I am quite a horror movie fan and Suspiria is one of my favourites.

Actors, activists, anyone who is your guide… who are your role models?
Ever since I was little, I have always looked up to Drew Barrymore. She is definitely my role model. She has been through much and is strong because of it. I look forward to the day where we share a wine together and chat about the world.

What are for you the most important values in life and career?
For me, the most important value in life and my career is to be true to myself. Treat others with kindness and love. Always remember that everyone about you has a story of their own. This career path that i have chosen to travel has many responsibilities and one if them is that I am instantly someone whom people might look up to and if I can’t be true to myself then what kind of role model am I.

I saw on instagram that you paint and write poems. What’s the painting you’d like to share? What does it represent for you?
i do love to paint, very much. A lot of my painting can take months to finish, sometimes just hours. One painting that i did recently only took about a week and it is one of my favourites. Actually, I fall in love with all of my work, they are a part of me. The one that I would love to share doesn’t actually have a name and I gifted it to my friend, Christie, who wrote and directed ‘La Douleur Exquise’ and also directed ‘August in the City’. This piece was recently painted while going through much internal change myself, so it’s kind of a new style for me. 

Poems. What’s writing for you? And yes, I am asking you once again to share one of your poems with our readers and to tell us something about it.
I have always written, ever since I knew how. Writing for me is just another way to express myself. I have poems and short stories and thoughts and currently I am in the middle of writing an autobiography. I would love to share one of my poems with our readers. The one I will share is about the loss of my mother. A loss that many people have experienced, a loss that I would never wish upon anyone.

When someone you love dies, a pain so deep and so personal wells up inside of your heart and stays there like a dagger plunged deeply. You wonder whether you can live, and you think that at any minute you will die. You blame the Gods you believe in for taking away from you such a beautiful person. You cry out for mercy and you cry out for justice, but all you can feel is the deep pain plaguing your heart and your mind. You feel the pain burning your heart and burning away your once happy life and you vow to yourself that you will never forget. You will never forget the way they laughed, the way they smelt, the way they talked, how they walked, what colour their eyes were or how they used to hug you…
But now I have forgotten.
I have forgotten everything.
And I miss her…
I miss my mother.

One of the things I find clear by reviewing your social network profiles is how the freedom you got goes well with your will of personal research. This freedom and this research become an explosive mix in the artistic field. It’s the same thing for anyone, don’t you think? (So simply I noticed that you are free and you try to make a lot of different arts, this is sort of an artistic and personal research. These things are a push to make dreams come true. Don’t you think?)
I think that each individual will find their own way in regards to their own personal research, whether that be through art or something else. Personally, this statement is definitely true for myself. I love what I do, I love my existence in this world, but sometimes it is easy to lose oneself. My freedom with my art and the way I choose to create help to keep my feet on the ground, it is my compass. 

Do you think you are more like a pinball, that goes from art to art, or does the acting career belongs to you more than anything else?
Each creative field, whether it be writing, painting, or acting has a special place within me. But when I am not able to act, I turn to other ways to express myself. Acting is definitely where my heart belongs, but unfortunately I can’t always do that. So instead, I write, or draw, or paint, or even pick up an instrument and teach myself.

Another curiosity I have to ask you about. What does the tattoo on your back mean? How old is it and how many others do you have?
There are actually three separate tattoos that run down my back. From the base of my skull right down to my sacrum. The top is a tiny little signature that I designed which is actually my own initials that you can find somewhere on all of my artwork. below that is a tribal looking kind of thing. I designed it when i was 14 years old and kept it on a piece of paper thinking that it would be a very cool tattoo for the future. At the time, it didn’t mean anything, it was just a design, but when i had it tattooed, its meaning revealed itself. And the beautiful artwork that runs down my back is the ancient six syllable sanskrit mantra; Om Mani Padme Hum. Each syllable represents something different and by chanting the mantra it helps cleanse you of the syllable antonym. And in the centre is the tree of life, this represents the interconnection of all life. I had this tattoo done in 2011 and in total, I have eight tattoos. All of which, I designed or collaborated with my tattoo artist at the time.

At last, motorbikes. I am definitely for cars (or boats), and not only because I like it more. In August, during my holidays in Favignana (Sicily), I had to rent a motorbike to make a tour around the island, a little bike. It has been one of the most embarrassing and dangerous experiences of this Summer! However, if I had to choose a bike, I would choose Uma Thurman’s one in Kill Bill. What about you?ot;helvetica neue";">
Ooh, I love motorbikes! Actually, I love anything with an engine. That sounds like it would have been quite an adventure riding around the island on a bike. I would love to hire a bike and tour the world that way. I am glad that you survived! I have many favourite motorbikes that I would love to own, and perhaps one day I will. Right now, I am in love with my own motorbike. She is a 1973 Kawasaki 350 Bighorn. and when i bought her, she had been sitting in a storage container in the desert for the past 10 years. She was rusted through, grass growing through the cracks of her disintegrated rubber tyres. But now, wow. She is completely restored. You can find pictures of her on Instagram. I called her Furiosa. 

Bye Mandahla, thanks for replying to my questions (get ready to reply to a lot of new proposals!). There’s nothing left now but ask you to say bye to our readers.
Giuseppina, thank you for reaching out to me and asking such wonderful questions. I have enjoyed answering them and to our readers, thank you for taking the time to read my answers. I wish everyone a beautiful day. x

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  1. This was awesome! Cool interview where we can learn a lot of interesting facts about this talented Aussie actress. Thanks ��

  2. Mandahla, are you a spiritual person or what are your beliefs? Your so inspirational. Amazing role model